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there was the ag marketing service administrator -- we changed the grades of swiss cheese. i was a cnn sensation. everybody making fun of me because we were changing the size of the eyes of the cheese, the highest standard. it became of the story of a government run amok. anyhow, it was very important because it helped with the slicing machines and it helped the swiss cheese industry. i am still proud of that one. anyway, these grade standards are things we work in collaboration with the industry. we are always anxious for industries to come up with innovations in the standards that will help oversee. that is a partnership, one of 's, we areschle's p always work a lot. >> i would just add that in order for partnerships to work, there has to be a constructive conversation. unfortunately, all too often, folks will be encouraging conflict instead of collaboration. and so, yesterday i had a great conversation with leaders in the organic world who were basically making the case that organics are different than general commodities. and because they are different, the systems that we have at usda where
back to 1953 with president eisenhower. cnn live starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> what i have discovered is that the absolute worst strategy to achieve happiness in life is to make that your primary goal. iif you make happiness what you're striving for, you will probably not achieve it. if you will end up being narcissistic, self involved, caring about your own pleasures and your own satisfactions and live as your paramount goal. happiness is best as a byproduct of other things. meaningful work and family, friends, good health, love, and care. we get happiness not by aiming directly for it but by throwing ourselves and to the right projects and fundamentally trying to have integrity and be a good person. >> bien "conscious capitalism," john mackey explored how capitalism can be lethal -- can lead to a better world. like us on facebook. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta talks about the automatic spending cuts known as the sequestration. the defense department's priorities and cyber attacks. he spoke to students. this is one hour and 10 minutes. [applause] >> thank yo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2